What we do for business and creators


We create content for your brand and events. We promote businesses with the focus on personal development, socialization, and hospitality. Are you ready to set-up your event? We can support you in the promotion, sales pages, and ticket pages. Besides we have a network of coaches in different niches who can participate in your desired event.

See Mind Events Factory for promotion. Mind Events Factory is our second brand. We co-create events with amazing entrepreneurs because we believe everyone has something valuable to tell.



Our expertise in web development is WordPress. We can build your website within 48 hours. This is a basic website where you get instructions on how to update it yourself. Or you can hire one of our developers to do your updates. Your website is created within 48 hours for just €259,00. We have a first consult where we discuss your needs. We will ask you to provide the content you would love to share. Have this ready before you book your introduction.



Are you ready to expand your team? Do you need someone who spreads your thoughts in process management? We have experience in virtual management, personnel management, event management, process management, marketing, social media, email marketing, administrations, taxes in The Netherlands and more. What do you need to make your business a success? Just book your first free consult!

We will discuss where you are in your business now, where you want to go and we will advise you on how we can create processes around your desired and expanded business!



We support people to expand their network. Loneliness is something which comes on unexpected moments. Some people need some support to get things done. This can be in several aspects of life. Think about gardening, jobs in and around the house, financial support, personal support, requests at the municipality or negotiations with family and care institutions.

It is important that people start talking and indicate where their needs and questions lie. Are you in need of support? Just reach out to me. I can bring you in contact with the right institutions and organizations.