Welcome! My name is Joyce Mol and I developed Breath words & visuals in June 2017.

I have a background in hospitality and office management. And I developed my coaching skills after I graduated at the Hotelschool in Amsterdam. I went for a course on student coaching in restaurant and hotels. In The Netherlands, we call it ‘Leermeester’.

I got my first ‘real job’ when I started my education in office management. I worked for a recruitment agency in Amsterdam North. Here is where the seeds were planted on Human Resource Management. During this time I started to open my heart for recruitment strategies, remote working, personal development and IT. I created my own vision for recruitment and entrepreneurship. I worked as a Personal Assistant of the CEO and learned that Google was my best friend and needed to find out by myself how stuff worked. It was too busy to ask many questions all the time.

Unfortunately, I could never finish my whole degree, because my mind was faster than the subject matter in class. I got bored out. I quit my study and was dreaming about what I wanted to do. What I didn’t realize at that time was that I had gathered a lot of entrepreneurial knowledge.

I walked a lot in the forest and step by step my creative mind started working. I created my own website, started to work as a Self Employed Business Assistant for House of Tax and later that month I got another opportunity as an online Social Coach.

During my last year of entrepreneurship, I have done a lot of projects. I translated blogs about career development, I worked in Finance, I created websites, promoted products and was active as a customer support manager.

My experience is based on Business Support and Virtual Management with love for Human Resource Management and seeking balance within a business. 

There is more to tell, but I believe that this is where I am now and I will keep developing myself.

My dream is to develop myself more in IT, practice Yoga and support other Entrepreneurs to get the most out of their business.


I believe in happiness. Everything is going to be fine. You are going to be fine. So if you need any support in your business which is related to Human Resource Management, Business Support, Transferable Information, Websites or anything you don’t get done now. Please book an intro call of 15 minutes and discuss the opportunities.