Welcome! My name is Joyce Mol and I started Breath words & visuals in June 2017.

With a background in office management, executive assistance and virtual assistant work I learned to develop websites, write SEO proof articles and optimize websites so that they can be found better in the search engines. Besides, this I have a lot of experience in recruitment, process management and digitalization.

I have done a lot of projects. Creating websites, improving websites, writing technical manuals about websites, SEO content writing, translating articles and websites.

I worked in HR, Finance, I created websites, promoted products and was active as a customer support manager.

My experience is based on SEO, HR, Business Support and Virtual Management with love for Human Resource Management and seeking balance within a business.

If you need support within your business with technical matters, support, HR or SEO improvement, reach out to me via joyce@breathwordsvisuals.com.