Become a Freedompreneur

We all read about it on social media. Being your own boss should be the best way to live your desires and actually work from anywhere you want. But is it so easy to become an online entrepreneur immediately and quit your 9 to 5 job?

No, It isn’t. You really need to put the effort in it. It isn’t always easy and shiny as the most of us thought it would be. But…. it is the best way to learn about who you really are. Choosing to be your own boss means that you take real responsibility of your freedom. There are many ways to start a business. You can write a travel blog or whatever you want to write about. You can start consulting about different subjects you are experienced about. Besides you can become an affiliate marketer. Why would you invent the wheel if someone else has done it before and you can sell their product for a big commission? We will teach you more about this subject in a later blog post.



So where to start?
If you decide to work for yourself, you need to think about where you are good at. It is important that you choose something that meets your interests. Otherwise, it would be difficult to stick to it for a long time. Some people don’t really know what they like. Even they can become good entrepreneurs, but they have to be careful what they share about their business. I believe in a steady base. Starting as a freelancer, having a part-time job or you might have won the lottery. Don’t make choices or spend money you don’t have because it can be your stress factor number 10 if you don’t watch out.

If you don’t know what you want or where you are good at, just start trying and figure it out. Trying is about starting a lot of different things and quit them if you don’t like it anymore. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it is alright, it is good. It is your choice. Now at this time you like to do that and tomorrow, you can choose something else. That’s the difference between the millennials and generation X. I can’t tell you how it looks likes if you are at the same age as the Gen X, but I can tell you that you can choose now what you like to do, even if it is not forever. Because nothing is forever.


Gen X
This is the generation who were born after the baby boom. They were born between 1960 and 1980. The parents of the millennials a.k.a. generation Y. For them, it is sometimes still hard to believe that you can build networks with the internet. I understand that it is difficult to believe that you can real relationships with clients via a computer screen. But nowadays we don’t have to be scared anymore to meet up with people around the world. We know what happens in different places if it goes about terrorism, but I think, and a lot of digital nomads are with me, we don’t have to be scared of them. We can just live our lives like we want this and we don’t pay attention to the bad things a lot. Because everything, where your attention goes, will grow. So, please, let’s invest in all the good things on earth instead of sitting back and waiting until it is over.



Gen Y
Yay! That’s about us, millennials. We were born at the early 80’s until early 2000. We believe that the digital age will bring us new life. We can do whatever we want and we believe in the freedom we need. We will give ourselves the change to discover who we are and collaborate this with others around the world. Workplace and work-life balance are very important to us. Working from anywhere gives us the change to discover the world. Work-life balance is something we pay a lot of attention to. We quit our job if we don’t like it. Meanwhile, Gen X is much more cautious. Gen Y, please don’t believe your negative thoughts. You have so much in you. It’s worth it to share it with the world. Even if you don’t like to work online, I believe that your thoughts may be heard.



To become a Freedompreneur, you need to start with your network. Who do you know? What could you do together? With whom would you like to collaborate? You don’t have to think about if they might want it. That is not important at the start. You need to believe in your own ideas. You may be here and you may ask them! Just start to visualize. If you can become whatever you want to become, who would you ask to achieve that with? I can tell you that everything is possible if you put the effort in it and trust in the guidance of the universe.