Bryan Robertson developed the Holacracy Method

The Holacracy method is an effective way of assembling a team. The Keywords of this method are structured and disciplined. This meeting is a process for keeping teams informed and getting work done. 

Teams can triage issues that have come up during the week and remove obstacles so that the work can move forward. Holarchy is contrary to hierarchy. This meeting is a very good kick-start of the week. What has to be done, which problems are there and how can we triage them.

My vision about ‘The Holacracy Method’ is that this is a very effective way of talking about the work that has to be done during the week. Every staff member is informed about the tasks that have to be done by everyone. Communicating with clients will be easier because everyone knows from each other what they are doing. Members with experience from other disciplines can give their colleagues other insights to clear things up. I truly believe that this way of assembling with teams can help companies grow. Hierarchical companies also have to be open for this change in the future.

Once I gave a presentation about this method at school for the course Business English. To prepare me for this presentation I used the E-Book: ‘The Revolutionary Management System that Abolishes Hierarchy‘ from Brian J. Robertson. He inspired me in a very creative way. We used this method at the company where I had my first job as an Office Manager. So within my own experience, I can tell you that this method is the most effective way of assembling a team.

Knowledge for teams

Nowadays we see more and more creative teams come up. A lot of teams don’t know they are using this method already, but they can still learn about how they can improve their skills. This is very important because more and more people start working online. There are teams where people never meet each other in person. So, it’s crucial to expand our knowledge about meet-ups and the power of decision-making.