-Everyone needssome place beautiful.-

Discovering life is a big journey for us and it is also for you. How do you find your work-life balance? Breath words & visuals guide business owners on their journey so they can focus on their core activities. We bring peace and structure in your business.

If you read this and you feel overwhelmed or have so many ideas and lists on your desk, think about outsourcing a part of your business. We are 100% here for you to support you. Leave a message with your thoughts and we will keep in touch with you within 24 hours.

Business Support Services: 

General administrative tasks:
⇒ Administration
⇒ Basic research
⇒ Data entry
⇒ Documentmanagement
⇒ Email
⇒ HRM (LinkedIn)
⇒ Time management/ calendar planning
⇒ Translations | Dutch – EN & EN – Dutch

WordPress /Blog maintenance:
⇒ Articles/blog writing
⇒ Content creation
⇒ Publishing content /scheduling
⇒ Webdesign WordPress

Social media:
⇒ Setting up social media accounts (Facebook/ Instagram)
⇒ Managing social media accounts
⇒ Research, content creation & scheduling posts

Event Management

⇒ Creation of Your Desired Event
⇒ Online Publication
⇒ Guest List management
⇒ Location search
⇒ Services on location



If you’d like to get in touch for any collaborations, reviews, advertising or promotion opportunities, please fill in this form. I’m also open to discussing guest posts on this blog.






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