Ayurveda in France

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La Clairière Bio & Spa Hotel

La Petite Pierre, the small pleasant town in the Alsace region, is located at the foot of the nature park Nordvogesen (named a world biological sphere reservation by the UNESCO). The old city center of La Petite Pierre is a former stronghold full of colorful half-timbered houses. The La Clairière Bio & Spa Hotel, about 2 km from the town, is located in the beautiful countryside, surrounded by a mountainous scenery and is an ideal starting point for hikes.

In accordance with nature, you can draw new strength and refuel your energy and learn how to use them better in a more efficient way. Well-being and recreation with Ayurveda treatments and traditional Chinese medicine.

Holistic Spa with Ayurveda treatments, harmonization of the 3 Doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha, with a positive effect on the metabolism, the nervous system, the digestion and the ductless gland system.
Holistic therapy and prevention, many Asian rituals, holistic treatments, that are built and based upon the 4 elements. Soil – fango and marsh packages, whole body massages with ethereal oils, face treatments according to Dr. Hauschka, foot reflexology massages, and anti-ageing treatments. Air – Bol d’Air Jacquier with ethereal forest pine oils. Water – oil, aroma and Himalaya salt baths, Japanese Yunohana bath. Fire – the hot stone massage and the Pantai Luar massage. Qi Gong and Yoga courses.

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee

  • Recreation & Leisure #1 Best Seller
    1 night, double room, breakfast, starting from £102
  • Yoga in the Forest – from 7 nights
    double room, breakfast, starting from £1,632
  • Anti-Stress from 3 nights
    double room, breakfast, starting from £1,632
  • Detoxification – from 7 nights #2 Best Seller
    double room, breakfast, starting from £1,730
  • Wellbeing through Traditional Chinese Medicine – from 7 nights
    double room, breakfast, starting from £1,730
  • Anti-Stress from 10 Nights
    double room, breakfast, starting from £2,312
  • Tip: Detoxification – from 10 nights
    double room, breakfast, starting from £2,452