Vegan Zucchini Soup

This article/ recipe is about the famous Zucchini. The green vegetable that is a smaller version of the cucumber. Not in fact of the kind, but in fact of the color, but then in a smaller size. 

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Pumpkin / Spinach Quinoa Salad

Fear is an endless feeling which comes back every now and then. I subscribed to a Vegan Club in my hometown and two days before I had to go there, I was already stressed-out because I didn’t know what to make. To add a little more fear to my mind, I thought it would not be good enough. Not necessary, because when I came there I made more than enough. Our thoughts making us crazy. It’s time to live more from the heart and let our thoughts not control our lives. Put them in the corner and let your heart speak.

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Healthy chocolate bomb!

Nowadays more and more people start to eat vegan. I am always on the run to find healthy recipes and there was a long time I couldn’t find a recipe for a healthy chocolate mousse. I am addicted to chocolate, but I also get tired of the sugar in the chocolate mousse of supermarkets. So, to create something healthy and delicious I started to experiment with vegan stuff. 

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