Create space in your work environment

You are a CEO, manager or a busy player. The only thing you hear in your mind are sentences like: ”I want more freedom”. ”I need to fix this, but I don’t know when”. ”I don’t have time for this”. or ”I don’t like this”. Why pushing this trough if you can level up your business together with a business assistant? Someone who is getting things right while you are focusing on the core business. Sounds good? Read further…



This is the most complex part of your day. Planning meetings when you don’t know how others agenda look like is hard to deal with if you don’t have time for this. The meeting isn’t going through. You need to speak them as soon as possible, but you don’t want to manage the ‘when’. Move over, and start working with a business assistant now.



Oh yeah. You made it to that level that you need to fix that document. But you need a whole lot of information from other people and you don’t have time to send them all an e-mail and manage the sorting process. This is exactly what you can outsource. This is what you don’t need to do. You made it to that level. Let’s fix a business assistant to fix the handling.


Office – virtual and physical

You’ve got an office now. Virtual or a real office. But what do you need in this office? A coach? A printer? Drinks?
This is some operational stuff what can be done by someone else. You just need to write down your wishes and your business partner will fix the operational part. Do you want a football table? What is it? Write it down and outsource it. Beers every Friday with snacks? It will be covered by the Business Partner.


Team player

You have a team now and you want to give them the attention they deserve. But you don’t have the time to have meetings with all your team members. A Business Assistant can start with the process of member meetings. Is it needed to speak with you? Your Business Assistant will set-up an appointment with you. Otherwise, the business assistant can handle itself and save some time for you. Of course, you will meet them at the Friday Night Drinks, but the hard meetings are not always needed with you on the sideline. You can get a note about the process. Decide afterward what is needed or your Business Assistant will discuss this with you when needed.



Oh yeah… Your team is growing. What now? You need to make a long list, a shortlist and you need to choose. Choose someone to manage this process. You don’t have time for this, because you are thinking about the sales part. Recruitment is part of the operational stuff and is time-consuming for you. If you don’t need a recruitment department immediately, a Business Assistant can start the process for the small searches.



In need of a Business Assistant? Please send an e-mail to and let’s have a coffee or call.


I did try-outs with some companies who never worked with a Business Assistant / Virtual Assistant before and it worked out well!




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