When you write your goals on paper or speak about it in public, you will stick to it and you will make it happen. So that’s why I launch the Quarterly BUSINESS TALK SERIES. In this talk, I will share with you how the past few months have gone and what I will focus on in the coming months.


Plans with my blog

This is the launch of the Quarterly Series of BUSINESS TALK. I couldn’t wait to the end of Q3, so I thought I just start with an acquaintance about the start of my plans and what happened the last couple of months. I will tell you about my transformation, why and how I took courses and about the struggles and success of finding your Ideal Customer/Client.

The last few months were about starting my online business. At the beginning, I didn’t realize that I would set up a business where I could generate an income to live from. I worked with a few mentors, and that really helped me to focus on what is important to do now and what to do later. My business is up and running now, but I still need to make a few changes this Quarter.




When I started to write in April on several blogs, I didn’t know I would work online for myself. I just love to write, but I also had some other skills already. And from that moment I started to create things with my interest.

For the last 2 years, I studied Office management and I worked for a recruitment start-up. There I learned everything about responsibilities of planning, finance, recruitment, online systems and some other creative experiences. I am curious and I always want to know more about different subjects. I work fast and I love to create new products or helping other people with their business or products.

So.. during the process of building my website, I had to let go of perfectionism. Because during the process, I recognized the pattern that I always wanted to control something. As a Business Owner, you are allowed to change your product when and how you want to do it. It was time for me to do what I want and create solutions for people who want to learn from me and want to work with me on my terms.

At the beginning, I felt not sure about it. Until my aunt told me: ‘’Joyce, you’re already doing it, so just go to the Chamber of Commerce and make it official’’. I registered my business the same evening via their website and a week later everything was official.




Nowadays, Information is not free anymore. People ask money for their knowledge. I definitely understand that, because if you share everything for free, you can no longer meet your life needs.

I followed a Digital Marketing course before I started my online business. This training was given by an Affiliate Marketing Company from the United States. I accidentally encountered my ‘Badass mentor’ via Facebook. She is also from The Netherlands, and after a few calls, we started working together. She helped me through the steps, and that really changed my view about working online. It is all about mindset, trusting the process and get to know your personal needs.

I learned a lot about how to make yourself visible to the world. Being part of a team or having a mentor is one the most important things if you start running your own business. You can’t do it alone, you need a place where you can ask your questions. Business Buddies will give you other insides. You can still make your own decisions, but sometimes you just need someone who is telling you the different side of the business, product or whatever you want to talk about.

To me, it is really important to feel commitment with someone. Knowing that you can reach them anytime and anywhere will help you a lot. Setting yourself free from assumptions that you can’t do it starts by tackle your inner critic and make that Wonderful Idea in your mind happen!

For now, I paused the course for a moment, to set up my business first. I will combine those two in the future. We discussed that this would be the best way to create different income streams. I will write more about it in a later BUSINESS TALK.

Besides this course, I follow a lot of Business Owners online and I read books to expand my knowledge. For example:



Finding your Ideal Customer/Client

Finding clients was the most difficult part of the process. Not to find them, but the patient you need to have. You need to build real relationships. Sometimes you feel the commitment immediately, sometimes it will take months before you start working with them.

I started to work with 2 clients. I work as a Virtual Assistant at House of Tax and as an Inspiration Coach/ VA at Vraagelkaar. Both interesting businesses. The first one is set up for Business Starters in The Netherlands. The language of Tax is difficult as hell for a lot of new Business Owners. Kim de Jong, The Big Boss Lady, makes it easy to read for them. Besides, she and her team will coach them to the next money level of their business.

Vraagelkaar is a social organization. We help people who need extra help or want to meet new friends for a specific activity. As Inspiration Coach, we help these people to connect with each other. Besides, we organize Vraagelkaar Cafés where these people meet-up with each other. The name of the organization translated to English means ‘’ask each other’’. So people can ask a question on our platform or react on these requests. We monetize these questions and are there to make the connections faster. Everybody needs a friend, and we will make that happen.

‘’Ask each other, just do it.”

The next Business Talk will be posted in October. 


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