The Art of Content Curation

To create your visibility, you will need to compile a content plan. Create a plan with platforms and tools that fit you. Don’t think because that one blogger uses 8 platforms, you have to do that too. Choose one or two and Master these first, before you expand.

‘The Art of Content Curation’ 

Curation means that you collect, organize, edit and share content from third parties. Think about high quality, inspirational and relevant content for your industry. This is a smart strategy to give your target audience valuable content.

The Art of Content Curation means that you will add value to it. Don’t just copy and paste, but add your opinion, vision or knowledge to the content. A snowball effect may occur if the writer notes that you have used his or her content. You are interested in the same subject. Who knows, there is a cooperation.

There are a lot of platforms/tools you can use for your content. You can create:

  • Blog articles
  • Direct emails
  • E-Books
  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook/ Instagram posts
  • Video’s/ Vlogs
  • Whitepapers



Respond to Trends

Inspire and activate your target audience.

Ask yourself two questions:

  1. How do I get the best content from my organization/branch? How do I correctly bring them to my target groups at the right times?
  2. How do target groups find my content on their desired way and moment?


  1. Mobile first – Use or create apps
  2. Big data – Research + storage prospect and customer data
  3. Content curation – Time consuming à Outsourcing, but also curate self.
  4. Marketing automation

Link the power of your business to trends

  • Research rapport summary
  • Interview a client, supplier or a colleague
  • Top 3 trends in your branch
  • Where does my audience group think about?



Story power

Don’t search for information, but look for a story. Inside and outside your organization. Of course, you can offer your target audience some information, but they are more interested in success stories. So, engage them with your successes, with successes of colleagues and help them in their success.

 Annet Scheringa: ‘’The power of the storytelling model for change communication is that it shows who is when and in what way in the lead, how change manager and communication professionals can enhance each other in their role and how to tell or collect stories of a number of common obstacles and wrestles can occur.’’


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Welcome to Breath words & visuals. I'm Joyce, a 23-year young writer, graphic designer, PE and PVA from The Netherlands. Breath words & visuals is a platform about lifestyle. You will find information about body & mind, food, personal growth, travel and work-balance.

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